The CSN section provides dedicated support to the Asia-Pacific countries with special needs through capacity building activities. It aims to enable policymakers to develop integrated approaches, in addition to knowledge products and tools for overcoming challenges in their pursuit of sustainable development. The section also supports these economies by ensuring that their voices are heard in global forums and that the development challenges they face are given due consideration in global processes.

Complete list of all upcoming meetings, events and activities relevant to the countries with the special needs is here.

Concluded Events

National workshop on Capital Market Development in Bhutan

12/18/2019 to 12/19/2019 | Thimphu, Bhutan

National Workshop on Resource Mobilization for Sustainable Development

11/19/2019 to 11/20/2019 | Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Joint UN Workshop on Preparing for a Smooth Graduation from the LDC Category

10/17/2019 to 10/18/2019 | Honiara, Solomon Islands

Workshop on SDGs and Sustainable Graduation of South Asian LDCs

10/14/2019 to 10/15/2019 | Kathmandu, Nepal

Workshop on SDGs and Graduation of South Asian LDCs

10/1/2019 to 10/2/2019 | Thimphu, Bhutan

Workshop on SDGs and Sustainable LDC Graduation of Bangladesh

9/23/2019 to 9/26/2019 | Bangkok, Thailand

Challenges in Graduating from LDCs for Bangladesh

6/20/2019 to 6/25/2019 | New Delhi and Bangkok